• A customizable EHR
    Finally an EHR system that can be customized by you, not an IT guy, to the way you practice.
  • EHR Independent Patient Portal
    A patient portal that can be connected to virtually any EHR system
  • Medical Billing Services
    Our experienced professionals ensures reliable and consistent cashflow
Not just an ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS system, but an
Electronic Health Solution
  • Integrated Practice Management
    Integrated practice management system that captures data seamlessly from the charts: and it's free!
  • Video Consultation Platform
    A tele-medicine platform that includes video consultation
  • Healthcare Analytics
    Analytics helps in patient medical decision making and other insights
Customizable On The Cloud EHS Delivering Your Practice Your Way!
BlueEHS is a solution for the doctors and care providers who are fed up with the current EHR solutions that asks them to change the way they practice. Here is the solution that will allow the molding of the solution to the practice. It is also the first and only Electronic Health Solution. BlueEHS is a Freemium SaaS electronic health records and practice management software with integrated ePrescription, Laboratory interfaces, clearing house interfaces, and a comprehensive patient portal .

Why is it free even without advertisements?

It is Free: Why is it free? By now you are wondering, &#...

Your Practice, Your Way

BlueEHS believes that you should be able to get a "made ...

Multi-language for the Global population!

BlueEHS is for a global population. Contact us to trans...

Integrated advanced practice management

The ZH Advanced Billing module is focused on providing c...

Patient Portal with video consult and more

MyDocsPortal : Patient Portal: If you’re looking for a...

Your Patient, Your Data

Your data is yours, and you can access it in real-time o...

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Mar 2015

The 1st patch for OpenEMR 4.2.0 has been released
4.2.0 Patch (3/21/15) This patch is for OpenEMR version 4.2.0. You can not use this patch on prior versions. If you are using a pr..
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