ZH Partner Features

How do partners make money?

ZH Healthcare offers seven ways for its channel partners to make money:

  • Subscriptions: The initial version of blueEHR is free. However, because this software is so critical to day-to-day operations of a medical practice/business, ZH believes that most doctors will be inclined to seek technical and service support. Reseller partners will encourage users to subscribe to one of the technical support plans offered by ZH. A subscription is not only advantageous to the user but also ensures monthly recurring revenue to the partner.
  • Training fees: Every user that subscribes to blueEHR requires training, and certified resellers of the platform will be able to offer training services. ZH estimates a minimum of 10 hours per customer @ $100 per hour that would be solely available to the partner.
  • Form customization: ZH projects that every practice using the blueEHR platform must have at least one form that he or she needs customized at an average of 5 hours per form. ZH partners are free to undertake development of these customized forms without sharing the revenue with ZH. These form customization projects are typically performed using the platform’s WYSIWIG form builder.
  • Major customization projects: Major blueEHR customization projects, including building additional modules, are typically done by ZH programmers. These projects are usually estimated on a time and material basis, and the partner is billed at a subsidized rate. The partner is then free to mark up the rates to include its profit margin at whatever percentage it deems fit. On larger projects, ZH usually works with the partners to come up with an acceptable revenue split.
  • Lab interface fees: Most clients using an EHR system have to interface with a laboratory. ZH receives a one-time interface fee from the laboratory for each such client. ZH will share 10% of such revenue with the partner who brought in the client. This could vary from $125 to $300 per customer.
  • Medical billing fees: Another revenue source for ZH partners is integrated for clients who wish to use the RCM (medical billing) services of ZH. ZH will usually share 10% of such recurring monthly revenue with the partner who brought in the customer.
  • Module marketplace: ZH intends to harness the creativity of its partners and users by launching a marketplace for modules. Partners can sponsor the development of specific modules that address the needs of specific markets. ZH will then place these modules in the marketplace to allow others to subscribe to these modules at a cost. The subscription revenue will then be split between partners and ZH.

What’s the bottom line for ZH’s channel partners? blueEHR is a total integrated solution, the first of its kind in the EHR marketplace. Selling it is easy because partners have the flexibility to sell the entire platform or just the pieces that suit them best. Customers in doctor’s offices and medical practices will love the value-added functionality and benefits that ZH partners are able to offer. And ZH stands behind its partners with the marketing and technical support to help them meet that demand.

A flexible and customizable solution. Low investment. Lead generation. Marketing support and PR air cover. A sure-fire money maker. What more could a channel partnership program deliver? That’s what ZH offers to channel partners who want to sell more with the least amount of effort.