ZH Partner Features

Special partnership for Medical Billing companies.

Medical Billing Companies

As a medical company we understand your pain: we started out as a medical billing company and we are still the back office resource to many medical billing companies.  With us as partners you can operate on the same level as large medical billing companies or EHR vendors.

  • Defend against poaching by big EHR companies: We are ssing more and more “IT Companies” like kareo, eclinicalworks and carecloud offering medical billing services and poaching your clients.  You could counter their assualt by offering them a world class EHR white labeled to your brand and restraint the exodus of your clients.
  • Free software: One of the major expenses for a medical billing company is the software they use. Only one company provides industrial strength practice management for free.  Why not use it and reduce your expense.
  • Analytics and reports: When you use our software we give you cross practice reports that is critical to draw analytics and meaningful data.  For instance if you need to know your total revenue for the current period from all your clients in one report you dont have to generate various reports and collate it, you can do that from one dashboard.
  • Resource constraint. We have seen that many of you find it diffcult to scale up to meet the needs of new clients or the sudden departure of trusted employees, or even when you get a short term project. With a strength of over 200 people we are able to support you at this critical juncture.
  • Non-compete and non-solicit agreements: We work with a number of medical billing companies. And to protect their interests we sign non-compete and non-solicit agreements with them to reassure them of our intentions.