ZH Partner Features

Special partnership for OpenEMR support companies.

OpenEMR support companies

As an OpenEMR support company you now have additional products and complementary services to offer.  People who otherwise would have left you in search of similar offerings can be retained as clients.  You are now able to take up large OpenEMR projects, offer an alternate SaaS solution, offer medical billing services, and harness your own creativity by developing modules.  And while doing this you are helping us support OpenEMR development and maintenance.

  • Expertise : As you are all aware we have developed a lot of the OpenEMR code and much of the MU stage 2 requirement without taking any compensation.  If you need experts to support you on your OpenEMR projects wouldn’t you talk to us, and together we can keep helping the open source project. 
  • Resources: We have over a 100 technical people dedicated to OpenEMR development and enhancement.  We work with governments and large companies for their OpenEMR implementation.  When you need additional resources we are there to support you.   
  • Your own White Labeled SaaS EMR: If ever your clients need advanced features on a SaaS platform you have an additional solution to offer . You can white label our product to offer your own brand of EMR with all the advanced features of blueEHR and earn recurring subscription revenues.
  • Module revenue: Develop unique and exclusive modules that we can jointly market to customers and share in revenue.
  • Additional revenue from medical billing: We provide medical billing services.  When you bring in a client we share the recurring revenues with you..