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Tell me a little bit about blueEHR?

blueEHR is the first-of-its-kind integrated and customizable EHS, featuring a video consult and telemedicine-powered patient portal that takes access to health information to a new, higher “integrated life” level, plus built-in practice management, clinical decisions rules engine, treatment plans,e-prescription, laboratory interfaces, inventory and pharmacy systems. The system’s is offered free of charge up to a certain number of patients, making blueEHR by far the lowest-price alternative and best value in the market.

For all of these reasons, and much more, blueEHR a market-disrupting product in an entirely new segment within the congested EHR marketplace. Up until now, this market has been dominated by core EHR products that attempt to expand functionality by cobbling together disparate add-on tools for practice management and patient care applications.

blueEHR, conversely, has been designed from the ground up as an integrated solution that does all of these things – on the web and in the cloud. While it is a never-before-seen solution, blueEHR has all the tools providers and patients need. The revolutionary “customizable in the cloud” design of blueEHR, in fact, has been a key factor in propelling global usage of the solution.

A big advantage for blueEHR is that it has been attentively designed to “think like a doctor,” producing a simplified yet intuitive solution that is easier to manage and customize by the individual provider – your practice, your data, your choice. On top of that, the system is infinitely scalable – another big reason blueEHR has attracted a wide user following globally.

As a new market category and offering, blueEHR has significant market power with little direct competition or duplicate functionality. Instead, the competitive threat will come from a variety of disparate substitutes, which largely rely on the users themselves to be the “integrator.” These include EHR products like Practice Fusion; EHR and PMS products like Kareo and CareCloud; scheduling product ZocDoc; telehealth product TelaDoc, answering service products like RingaDoc; and patient portal services like MS HealthVault. All are different pieces of an ideal whole that the rest of the market is trying to cobble together, while blueEHR is already there with a user-friendly, easy-to-access and easy-to-use integrated solution.