ZH Partner Features

Why should you consider partnering with ZH Healthcare?

  • blueEHR is a revolutionary integrated and customizable Electronic Health Solution (EHS), featuring a telemedicine-powered patient portal plus built-in practice management, e-prescription and laboratory interfaces.
  • blueEHR’s software is “customizable on the cloud” with a modular structure to accommodate any specialty practice needs. No EHR product currently on the market does everything that blueEHR can do under one integrated platform – and at such a competitive price.
  •  When it comes to developing customizable health IT solutions, nobody is more experienced than ZH Healthcare. And, thanks to ZH’s revolutionary integrated blueEHR electronic health system, nobody offers a more exciting channel partnership in the medical products and service market.
  • The flexible cloud-based blueEHR platform is also customizable for channel partners.
  • Potential ZH channel partners include medical billing companies, value-added resellers of health IT products and services, systems integrators (especially federal contractors) specializing in healthcare, resellers of open source products, and companies that are selling other types of products and services to doctor’s offices and specialty medical practices.
  • ZH provides its channel partners with lead generation, marketing support, differentiated solutions, product support and knowledge, and a way to make money without significant investment or resources.
  • ZH’s channel partnership program has a three-tiered structure: reseller partner, co-branded white label partner and white label partner.
  • ZH’s channel partnership program offers seven discrete revenue streams: subscriptions, training fees, form customization, major customization projects, lab interface fees, medical billing fees and a module marketplace with additional subscription revenue.
  • Partnering with ZH makes sense for companies already selling products and services to medical practices that are looking to drive greater value for their efforts. The blueEHR cloud-based platform is easy to integrate with partners’ sales and marketing efforts.
  • Since blueEHR is in the cloud, there is no equipment to buy and no inventory to maintain. And, because partners can receive free versions of the product, the overall investment is exceedingly low.
  • As a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform with many free applications, blueEHR offers highly competitive pricing that makes it easy for channel partners to sell. Another strategic advantage for ZH partners is the fact that blueEHR has significant market power with little direct competition or duplicate functionality.