Patient Portal Modules

Aggregate medical records from all providers

If you are like most people you have more than one medical provider looking at various aspects of your health.  In most cases, these charts lie in disparate offices with different providers. How many times have you had to encounter a situation where you did not know what medications you used to take or which doctor you saw 10 months ago?  It is more common to forget consultations done with certain providers, and consequently, you ignore the chart/health information you had with that provider.  This missing information could at the worst become a life threatening event or at the least cause you to spend more money to get another consultation.

The government and the physician community are trying to build systems that help in eliminating these “medical information silos.”  However, the best person to manage your health records is you.  You are more aware than anyone as to whom you have consulted, what tests you have taken and what medications you take.  Imagine a scenario where you could combine the charts from different disparate providers and aggregate them in one place so that you have a complete picture of your health.

MyDocsPortal empowers you to do that for your family and yourself.  While most patient portals are affiliated with one doctor, or one practice, MyDocsPortal can combine multiple practices in one easy to use portal.  In essence, you can access the EHR systems of all the different doctors you consult and pull your health records in a CCDA format and aggregate them in one place.