Patient Portal Modules

Find a doctor and schedule a consult

Find a doctor / provider and schedule a physical or  Tele-consult appointment using MyDocsPortal . Participating providers will also give you real – time access to their calendars confirming the appointment immediately .

It empowers you to search and find doctors with your chosen search criteria , not only within the United States but also across the entire world.  Our worldwide provider database is being constantly updated.

Once you have located the Doctor/Provider you want to consult you can also request an appointment online and instantly get confirmation.  You will get the live calendar of the Doctor with open appointment  slots.  You do not have to call.

Once you have set the appointment  you have the ability to fill in any forms that the individual provider wants you to.  This saves at least 30 minutes of your time at the doctor’s office.  Imagine being able to sit at the comfort of your home or office and being able to carefully go through the questionnaire and filling it out without any pressure.

From the provider’s point of view, the data entered by you can be easily pulled into the EHR system without the need for duplicate entry.  The provider also has the ability to review and accept the data you have submitted.

The system enables you to upload photographs of injuries or PDF documents or images or other pertinent information even before your appointment.

Any legal documents that needs to be signed can also be done online.  MyDocsPortal saves you a ton of time!