Patient Portal Modules

Sharing your Health Information

What’s the point in aggregating your health records if you cannot use and share them and if people cannot read them.  Imagine traveling in a foreign country and you have a need to access your medical records to share with a local provider.

With the use of MyDocsPortal sharing your health information has never been this easy and secure.  Our care-coordination feature allows you to share your health information with anyone that you choose.  Our interface with the Direct Project allows you to securely send PHI to any affiliated provider.  You also have the ability to share information by downloading it in human readable format and by secure fax.

MyDocsPortal allows you to import PHI in any of the following formats: CCR, CCD, CCDA, or any other document formats including word and PDF.

You also have the ability to add additional users who can manage your PHI with your permission so that when the need arises you can rely on your loved ones to share your health information for your care.