Telehealth Medical Group. CA USA


Telehealth Medical Group is made up of over fifteen medical doctors and medical assistants located across different locations in California.  This group of medical professionals includes a variation of family practice doctors, neurologists, psychiatrists, and a pharmacy management specialist. Originally, each location had its own process and systems of paper, electronic management or both.  With changing processes in the industry Telehealth Medical Group was in need of a uniformed system that would save them time, money, and organize all of their individual practices.

The vision for this medical group was to unify all of their individual practices using a common platform to share resources, information, and improve patient health care while preserving individuality of their specific practices.  Implementing this team approach to health care would greatly benefit the patients through easy access to specialists and all patient information being available from one centralized system.

In recent years The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services had continually decreased their rates of reimbursements, cutting into profit margins and bonuses for the Medical Group.  The implementation of a uniformed reporting strategy would enable the physicians to act as a team in the patient care process and to eliminate cuts in profit margins.

Telehealth Medical Group required a system that would compensate for different levels of tech savvy skills among the doctors and staff.  The system of entering data needed to be highly flexible to account for these differences.  A few locations were still operating completely with paper charts and the new system needed to be able to migrate their data easily to match the other offices.  And lastly, it was important that the new system preserve physician autonomy.  The doctors required that the patient database of each individual location remain private to that location and only shared if there was a need.  The providers wanted to focus on their productivity and running their facilities more efficient and cost effectively without impacting their quality of care.

The ZH OpenEMR, an integrated web-based solution, was implemented and provided Telehealth Medical Group with the unified solution they were looking for.  The medical practices were able to realize considerable annual cost savings of over $70,200 with the time saving benefits of the ZH OpenEMR.
Some direct benefits of the new system are, utilizing the structured flow-sheet views, note templates and point-of-care documentation the practice was able to eliminate all transcription costs.  The cloud based solution eliminated manually pulling charts adding to the cost savings.  New prescriptions and refills are now generated as a by-product of the documentation process; each prescription takes less than five minutes to complete.  The new coding system has streamlined the coding process saving time and allows the practice to easily report to the insurance companies and Medicare.  Referrals can be generated during the clinical encounter, eliminating the need to manually fill out paper-based payer forms. The system is able to capture discrete data to qualify for managed care payers incentive bonus programs.  And the doctors have been able to achieve faster revenue cycles and more reimbursement with streamlined authorization management.

The ZH OpenEMR benefits enabled Telehealth Medical Group to achieve considerable cost savings, streamlined processes, and unifies system the across their different locations.