BlueEHS Features

Integrated advanced practice management!

The ZH Advanced Billing module is focused on providing capabilities to manage and improve your revenue cycle by decreasing staff time needed to enter billing, process and manage insurance claims, record payments, improve the accuracy of coding of encounters, provide quick access to patient accounts to respond to inquiries and resolving status of claims. The billing and revenue management workflow can be customized based on the needs of your practice, including optimizing the processes for reviews and quality audits. The Advanced Billing System provides up-to-date reporting without the need to export your receivables to Excel or other reporting products. blueEHR Advanced Billing includes
  • Smart Fee Sheet
  • Batch Charge Entry to Support Larger Facilities
  • Enhanced Billing
  • Pre-Authorization Management
  • Automated Clearing House Integration
  • Denied Claim Management
  • Advanced Payment Receipt
  • ERA Posting
  • Ability to enter and track capitation payments
  • Robust accounts receivable management
  • Elaborate Patient Ledger
  • Enhanced Patient Statements
  • Improved reporting allowing for customized reports and exporting to other formats