BlueEHS Features

Integrate your medical devices and other software applications!

ZH Healthcare wants to promote collaboration and efficiency by providing you with robust APIs that lets you integrate blueEHR with internal systems to create a comprehensive, integrated and seamless workflow

API & Integration

The term API stands for Application Programming Interface.  API is a word used to describe sets of technologies that enable websites to interact with each other by using REST, SOAP, JavaScript and other web technologies. While its possibilities aren’t limited to web-based applications, it’s becoming an increasing trend in so-called Web 2.0 applications.

Medical devices integration

One of the many benefits of using an EMR is it ability to enable providers and caregivers to make clinical decisions based on the data in the system. Electronic medical devices, such as  EKG machines, track critical patient data.

As of today a major chunk of these devices are stand-alone equipment from which data has to be transferred to an EMR manually. This can become cumbersome, time-consuming, and often times, erroneous.

Medical device integration (MDI) is the process of transferring the data from those devices to an EHR. Electronic integration of data-capturing devices and EMRs reduce inaccuracies when transferring data from one to the other, and healthcare providers get more frequent updates while away from patients, increasing their efficiency.

54% or more of US hospitals are citing quality improvements as the major driver for their plans to purchase MDI Solutions.  While major hospitals with deep pockets find it easier to acquire and deploy such solutions the individual physicians and smaller group practices are not privy to such unlimited resources.

blueEHR provides the solution for Medical Devices Integration to providers using the blueEHR.  Our application will connect your Medical Devices to our cloud based platform seamlessly. Not only can you integrate your medical devices but also your scanners and fax machines that handles critical patient data.  See image below.

Devices integration Data Upload