BlueEHS Features

Your Data: Access and Replication

We asked ourselves this question: Why do people prefer open source?   The answer that we arrived at was that they do not like to feel trapped.  They want access to their data when they want it.  So we crafted the best way we can allow this to happen withing the constraints of a SaaS environment.

Your data is yours

Simply put, when you leave you can get your data in a MySQL format.  You may take this database and use it with the community edition of OpenEMR.  We guarentee that you can view this data unrestricted.  We do not charge you for giving you back your data.

Access to database

What if you want a copy of your data as a matter of back up or security as most people are wont to be?  We will give you access to download an SQL dump of your data at a frequency you desire.

Real-time replication of your database

What is you want to have real-time access to your database to have integration with other software systems?  Well, we have a solution for that too: We allow you to replicate your data from our SaaS platform to a server of your choice.


Finally you may also use our powerful and simple APIs to talk to our SaaS application.